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The Roman paradox series

July, 2012: Multiple Personalities of a Single City

The Paradox:

Rome is a Person with Opposing Personalities.
They emerge from an extremely diverse scale, so as to be rearranged on two extremely inverse scales. As if each personality is split in two antagonistic identities, of which a single identity is identified with its countering equal-part, reflected in an equal counter-part.

The process of splitting results in multiple personality (dis)order of a one city. A city not bound to any of its parts, remaining whole and single for life.


The Truth:

If considered as a friend, Rome could be friend for life. Interesting for the Mind; Arresting for the Eye.
To be in Rome is to be in perfect company. Always quirky, funky and funny to be with, Rome fits best because it outwits all the rest. Except when this friend becomes unfriendly, forgetting its manners, forging its looks, swinging its moods. Then Rome is no longer unconventional but rather unpractical, no longer heartfelt but heartless. Still it couldn’t hurt less because it is essentially harmless friend.

If considered as a lover, Rome could be alpha-male / fatal-female: Attracting the Eye it Captivates the Mind.
Rome is young enough to be wild and free, but old enough to have interesting history. Past experience and present charm combined with a seductive mastery create everlasting mystery. It is a mystery of a mistress that sucks you in then spits you out. Lifts you up then brings you down. Embraces you then embarrasses you. Eccentric and egocentric, but surprisingly central to the own ego as well.  It may not be a lifelong relationship but it is worth a lifetime while it lasts.

June, 2012: People, Birds, Trees and their beautiful (a)symmetries

The Paradox:  Italians remain Individuals even within a Group.
They don’t succumb to the grouping behavior. They never organize in a synchronized manner. So, when they reach a certain mass, then starts the glorious mess. On the walking streets, behind the steering wheels, between the riding wheels. 

The Truth:  The birds of Italian feather flock always together.
They are glued into a group. They stick in tight packs, stuck on the sky like a small clouds. Moving in perfect synchrony, they create beautiful symphony within the ever-changing symmetry. It is said that the sky has no limit. But it seems that the Italian sky has invisible boundaries which keep the bird’s movements within a perfect circle of shapes and figures.

The Birds @Quartiere Coppedè

The Paradoxical Truth: The trees of the Italian soil are in (a)symmetric toil.
Set between the Earth and the Heaven, they never seem to get even (with the birds). They seem eager to leave Earth’s entropy and rush towards Heaven’s isotropy. So, they start to grow upside-down. But the more they grow their ruts upwards the more they seem to stuck their heads downwards. Deep down in the Italian ground which is a favorite playground of all men, birds and trees and their beautiful (a)symmetries.

The Trees @Villa Doria Pamphili

May, 2012: Mellow Yellow!

The Truth: Rome is Yellow!

The Rule:
In the nature, yellow often glimmers in all things that shimmer.
In the cities, yellow offers glamour in order to imply splendor.
On the markets, yellow is often sold under the name “gold”.

The Paradox:
In the city of Rome the yellow is a bit mellow.
It’s not shiny and sparkly. It’s dusky shade of yellow.

Tiburtina’s sunset

The Roman postcards shouldn't be yellow because they resemble digital photos.
They are not full of kitsch elements and Photoshop effects.
The Roman postcards should be yellow because they resemble old memorable photographs.
Full of sediments and sentiments of the time, long passed - never forgotten.